Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Vote for your president! - Taiwan Presidential Elections 2012 appeal

1/14/2012 Taiwan Explorer
A patriotic video clip asking young Taiwanese people to vote.

Dear Taiwanese friends, if you have the right to vote this Saturday - VOTE! I don't care, if you vote left or right, green or blue, female or male, horse or English, but go out there and cast your vote. Let us show to the world, that we embrace and cherish our freedom and democracy, something I hope we shall never lose. 祝你們好運!

Unfortunately I can't be in Taiwan during the elections, but I will keep my fingers crossed, that everything goes fine and that voters give a clear mandate to one of the candidates: Ma Ing-jeou, Tsai Ing-wen or Soong Chu-yu. I hope there won't be too many sore losers with shattered dreams, but whatever happens, keep in mind that it's not about one person winning, it's about all of you participating. A captain is only as good as his team: These elections will indicate the direction you all want to go, but the real change will happen bottom up, not top down. If you're first time voter, you will be the most important voter tomorrow! You can make history, you can make change - every vote counts! The bigger the turnout, the clearer will be the message to the world. Make Taiwan proud: VOTE!

Google Taiwan is in Election mood these days.

This is disturbing and awesome at the same time.


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