Sunday, January 29, 2012

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2012 South-Central Taiwan Tour

1/29/2012 Taiwan Explorer
It was lunar new year, and my wife and I decided to go on a 5 days trip to explore Central and Southern Taiwan. If you want to experience what we saw in Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan, follow my blog through 23 posts by clicking on the links at the bottom of every post to move on to the new item. Start the tour here:

My 2012 SOUTHERN TAIWAN Tour - NEXT: Tainan High-Speed Railway Station>>

My overview of the 2012 Southern Taiwan travel posts:

01 Tainan High-Speed Railway Station
02 Tainan Railway Station
03 Fort Provintia, Tainan City
04 Tainan Confucius Temple
05 Koxinga Shrine, Tainan
06 Temple Of The 5 Concubines, Tainan
07 Chiayi City
08 Kagi Shrine, Chiayi
09 Sun Shooting Tower, Chiayi
10 Best Chicken Rice in Chiayi
11 Chiayi Confucius Temple
12 How to go to Alishan mountain
13 Chinese vs. Taiwanese on Alishan
14 Cherry blossoms on Alishan
15 The Alishan Sunrise

My overview of the 2012 Central Taiwan travel posts:

16 Douliou City
17 Lukang
18 Erlin
19 Changhua City: First Impressions
20 Yongle Street, Changhua City
21 Bagua Mountain, Big Buddha, Changhua City
22 Changhua Confucius Temple
23 Taichung Confucius Temple

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