Monday, January 02, 2012

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Interracial family on a poster in Taipei Metro

1/02/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Few days ago my wife noticed this poster on the left at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station, while we were waiting for the connection train to Ximen Station. It features a family consisting of a white male, a Taiwanese female and an interracial girl warning commuters not to eat, drink or chew gum in the Taipei metro. It's remarkable, that they chose such a (for Taiwan still very unusual) family. I commend them for being pioneers in this regard, but I hope they don't assume, that it's only Whites, who commonly break these rules ;-) From what I've seen, it were most often tourists from China or non-Taipeiers, that have done so. But, as my wife likes to say, I am probably thinking too much. And yeah, I can't deny seeing White tourists sipping bubble tea in the train now and then.

This poster is actually part of a campaign to improve the metro etiquette. The MRT chose 10 teams of various groups of people (among others an interracial family), which show on posters what you can't do in the MRT (see all the chosen ones here). What I like the most in this poster, is the pretty young wife in the picture, because it shows (contrary to the common belief), that foreigners do have good taste when it comes to local ladies... or?

[My UNIQUELY TAIWAN page][Photo by MKL, 2012]