Saturday, December 17, 2011

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"Meet foreign big hot dogs" - Are Taiwanese girls obsessed with foreigners?

12/17/2011 Taiwan Explorer
Today I want to share a video with you, which was made by Apple Daily, a fairly known media in the yellow press of Taiwan. It's discussing the issue of late night action between Taiwanese girls and foreign guys. They interviewed a cabbie and two Taiwanese guys in front of a night club in Taipei, and shot few videos with a camera which was secretly placed in a cab just to highlight how easy it is for foreigners to hook up with Taiwanese girls. Check my transcription of the things that were said in the video below, and join the discussion below.

Western guys' attraction makes the Taiwanese girls obsessed!?
Google says Taiwan girls are easy.
Guy 1 says: "Foreigners don't need to be handsome, just normal. Some are even a bit chubby, but they can get the girls easy, because they have a big hotdog."

The video wants to prove that Taiwanese girls are obsessed with foreigners. We want to do a research in the most popular night club among foreigners. The club has a "foreigners night". [The night club is named Brassmonkey]

Guy 2 says: "Many foreigners, be it whites, blacks and taiwanese girls, when they enter the night club, they kiss with tongues, hug tight, touch the butt, grab the waist."

The cabbie says: "The club here is full of foreigners and Taiwanese girls. Even if some foreigners can't get girls inside the club, they will go out and try to get a drunk girl outside and take them with them. Those foreigners are all horny."

They want to track, if things they say is true, hence they install a camera in taxi to monitor.

Cabbie again: "Most of the time foreigners will hold the girl, when she enters the cab and then he will be all over her."

The video ends with: This is happening every day. Foreigners are very horny. Are Taiwanese girls so easy to get?

My thoughts about the video

It's a very one-sided video, and you don't need to be Einstein to understand what it tries to say. It's the classic case of the "good" Taiwanese guys against the "bad" Taiwanese girls, and the notoriously horny immoral foreigners). It's interesting how the whole story is interpreted and commented only by three Taiwanese guys, there are no comments from foreigners who frequently visit the club, let alone Taiwanese girls... or a sociologist, for example. I'm not saying that what we saw in the backside of the cab doesn't happen, but how much does it represent the dating scene of Taiwanese girls with foreign guys? I'd say very little. Well, at least in my world. But what do I know, I'm just a boring TGIF worker, never go to clubs or pubs, and never had interest to hook up with girls this way. This behavior doesn't represent me, and I can't be happy about the sexist and racist undertone I felt throughout the video, which goes against my personal love story. Similar and crazier things happen between Taiwanese girls and guys, but nobody makes a story out of it. Why is that? The answer is obvious.

My personal experience

Videos like this one do cause harm, I experienced it first hand. It's a kind of a constant theme in recent years for the Taiwanese yellow press, and it gets under people's skin. It took me a long time to prove that I am a "good foreigner", before I was accepted by my wife's parents. When we started to date, and she told them about us they always confronted her with the bad stuff about foreigners they saw on TV, or read in the newspapers. They had a lot of concerns about our relationship, their fears were rooted in such biased reporting. In addition it seems that it's in the nature of Taiwanese parents to be overly worried about their daughters, even if they are over 30 years old. It was a very stressful and tiresome time for me, and I don't wish anyone to go though a similar torment.

Open sexuality in Taiwan

Openly displayed female sexuality is a taboo in Taiwan, but what we saw is nothing shocking for Europeans. Go to Hamburg's, London's or Amsterdam's night clubs, and you'll see things that will make the video above look very innocent. Of course Taipei is not Amsterdam, but it's also not the Taipei it used to be few decades ago. Taipei wants to be a global player (constantly ogling at Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo), and a part of this process is a liberation of mind, and a tolerance for the choices other people make, even if they conflict with your own values. A vibrant night scene is part of a metropolis, attracting foreign and domestic adventurers, travelers and free spirited people. It's part of city branding. If we take this into consideration we realize that the video is fairly naive. Even more so in the way it argues its point. If you constantly use other guys' "big hot dogs" and "horniness" as a kind of a case against them, what does that say about your own hot dog and sexual drive? I've heard these things a lot during the recent attacks against Taiwanese girls in interracial relationships. I also mentioned this whole issue in my detailed post about interracial relationships in Taiwan. I guess these things won't stop any time soon, because there's a great divide between sexes in Taiwan, which is completely redefining the way the society is structured, and it happened way before Westerners entered the local dating scene. There is no simple answer to why are some foreign guys able to pick up Taiwanese girls like ripe cherries from the tree, but one thing is sure: Constantly bemoaning this fact won't help you. Real men take action, real men don't whine. And Taiwanese girls like real men.