Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Yongji Road Night Market, Taipei

10/16/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Yongji Road Night Market 永吉路夜市 is small local night market in Taipei, located very close to the Xinyi pedestrian area and Taipei 101. Interestingly this night market is not very known. In fact, my wife argued with me, that it's not really a night market, but just a street with stalls and restaurants. But for me, if something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. And actually it's a pretty decent night market full of good places.

MY IMPRESSION: It's not your typical night market, because it's located on a busy street and it doesn't have a good infrastructure. There's also no signboard marking the entrance or exit, so yeah, it might not be an official night market, but who cares. The street looks like one and that's most important.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON:You have all kinds of food, mostly modern. There's a nice steak house and a Vietnamese restaurant, where I like to go. Of course there's also a wide array of your usual xiao chi such as marinaded food and salty chicken.

MUST-TRY FOOD AT THE YANPING NIGHT MARKET: I would recommend you to visit the Quan Pho Viet Nam restaurant as well as the Banshen 阪神 restaurant, that sells delicious steaks on a hot plate.

Noodles and barbecued meat is sold here.

Noodles shop.

Lots of stalls and shops here.

Fried chicken stall and a tea house.


Abandoned hotel?


This restaurant named Banshen serves delicious steaks on hot plate.

The meal is rich: You get bread, salad and soup as well.

This beef steak was truly top notch.

Kang-fu Buffet Restaurant looks interesting.

Chiayi douhua or tofu pudding.

My wife tried the douhua and it wasn't bad.

POPULAR STALL: Quan Pho Viet Nam

This Vietnamese restaurant was very crowded.

We ordered these spring rolls and they were delish.

I had chicken and rice in curry sauce, very yummy. I recommend this restaurant, but the food has its price here.

The street ends at the Zhongxiao East Road.

To find the night market, it's best you take the MRT and go out at Taipei City Hall Station Exit 4. Follow my map and click on it for a Google map.

IN CONCLUSION: This is definitely a very convenient night market, because it's near a very popular MRT station and located close to Taipei's most fun to be area. You can't expect too much from this place, but there's definitely a good price for good quality eating possible. I would put Yongji in a golden middle of Taipei's night markets.

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