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Wufenpu, Taipei

10/29/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Wufenpu 五分埔, located in Xinyi district, is one of Taipei's biggest shopping areas and famous for wholesale clothing. There are several streets full of shops attracting a lot of young people. It has a bit of a night market charm, but without the food. Well, there are some food stalls, but the selection is very limited. You can find all kinds of clothes for affordable prices, but not only that, you can buy accessories, shoes and purses, too. It's definitely a paradise for shoppers and from what I've seen, girls were dominating the area. Due to many new shopping malls all over Taipei, Wufenpu lost its past glory. I recommend you to visit the area in combination with a visit to the popular Raohe Night Market, one of Taipeićs oldest and finest night markets.

See some photos of Wufenpu in August, 2011:

This is wholesale in its basic sense.

Long lanes full of stores are common.

A corner shop.

You can also find qipao, traditional Chinese garment.

Nearby is the famous Raohe Night Market, click here to read more>>

To find Wufenpu, please click here for a map. You can exit at Songshan Train Station or Houshanpi MRT Station and go to Wufenpu by foot. It will only take you few minutes. Additional source:

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Xinyi Shopping Area

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