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Songshan Tobacco Factory, Taipei

10/29/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Songshan Tobacco Factory 松山菸廠 is an old factory building from the Japanese times today located in Xinyi's District. It was build in 1937 and served as the production site of tobacco, which was at that time controlled by the imperial government. Today the whole area is called Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. In the recent two years Taipei City government meticulously renovated the historic architecture and has transformed it into a "gem and green belt of the city", so the official statement (more here). The reason for that was the 2011 World Design Expo, which was taking place in the former factory and the surrounding park, the main reason for that is the Taiwan Design Museum, which is also located here. The whole area is being revitalized. In about 3 to 4 years the whole area will be overshadowed by one of Taipei's newest landmarks: The Taipei Dome 台北大巨蛋. This will certainly change the whole area and it will be interesting to observe, how the locals will adapt to that.

See some of my photos from October 2011:

The courtyard.

The entrance to the Taiwan Design Museum.

A park that is inviting tons of visitors.

And a lot of them were taking photos.

A majestic fountain.

The outer eastern part.

I'm really looking forward to see this part of Taipei being redesigned. The plans look promising. We just need to wait for the implementation. If you want to see the Songshan Tobacco Factory, please take the MRT to City Hall Station and walk north. Additional source on the topic can be found here.

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