Sunday, October 09, 2011

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Chishingtan 七星潭, Hualien, Taiwan

10/09/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Chishingtan 七星潭 (literally Seven Stars Lake) is one of those places in Taiwan, where the views are purely magical. It's a bay, which is named after a lake, that used to be located nearby, but the Japanese filled it up and today the Hualien airport is found nearby. The Chishingtan is also known as 月牙灣 or Crescent Moon Bay. You can visit this part in northern Hualien City, a little bit out of the suburbs and very close to the Hualien Airport. This is one of the most beautiful scenic spots of Eastern Taiwan, if you're into photography, you'll be able to take some amazing photos there.

Check some of my photos of Chishingtang (August 2011):

Flowers and bushes embellish the flat lands.

The beautiful beach.

The beautiful beach, closer.

The clouds clashing with the mountains.

Beach goers.

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