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Huatung Valley 花東縱谷, Eastern Taiwan

9/03/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Huatung Valley 花東縱谷 (Hualien + Taitung, also called East Rift Valley), is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Taiwan. My wife and I had the pleasure to take the train between Taitung City and Hualien City. It took us 2 hours and 43 minutes to master the distance of 145 kilometers. Below are some snippets of the wonderful spots we saw. I love to share them with you and hope you can find them useful, if you're deciding to go on a similar trip.

Our ride starts at Taitung City railway station and ends at Hualien City railway station:

When a train arrives in Taitung City, there's a lot of commotion.

People inside the Taitung Railway Station waiting to board the 13.10 to Hualien.

This was our train. There are about 25 stations to pass, but we stop only at few of them.

Crossing the Beinan River 卑南溪.

One of the small towns in Taitung County.

Road to Nowhere.

Luscious fields.

Mountains kissed by clouds.

And another village.

I really think this house is like from a fairy tale.

This is like a road from a fairy tale as well.

Crossing the river again. I'd love to go down there and soak my feet.

The remains of centuries of typhoons.

Chishang, one of the bigger villages in the valley.

Clouds blocking the sun and making a part of the field dark.

A temple under construction.

I would like to take a rest under these two trees.

Fuli, a small village.

I love this photo, but I don't envy the person working under the scorching sun.

Crossing another small river.

Finally a river with more water. And what a beautiful scenery.

This looks like a road to somewhere.

Rice fields.

More rice fields near Yuli, another bigger town in the area.

Guangfu Station, already in Hualien County.

Fonglin, a nice little town north of Guangfu.

I saw this at Zhixue Station. It's a pity, that he didn't let her cross over the tracks.

Reaching Hualien's suburbs.

And after nearly 3 hours we reached Hualien Main Station.

Cloudy weather was greeting us, but that didn't stop us to have a blast here.

I have to say that this part of Taiwan is not only good for riding through with the train, there are several beautiful spots found here, from lakes to hot springs to beautiful waterfalls, the area is rich with natural and cultural sites. And Huatung valley is a paradise for bicycle riders, you can follow several routes in and around the valley and have tons of fun cycling. Here's a map of the area and here's a webiste dedicated to toursim in this part of Taiwan. I'm sure, that I will return one day and explore this valley, because it's truly gorgeous.

To continue our tour along Taitung's northern coast, click on the link below or see the map.

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