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Xiaoyeliu rock formation, Taitung

8/27/2011 Taiwan Explorer
Xiaoyeliu 小野柳 (sometimes spelled as Shiauyeliou, Siaoyeliou or Little Yehliou) is named after Yeliu, one of Taiwan's natural wonders located on the northern coast. Xiaoyeliu is similar, but smaller and also less occupied by tourists. It didn't impress me as much as its big brother, but nevertheless, it's definitely one of the highlights of Taitung county. If you happen to be near Taitung City, you should pay Xiaoyeliu a visit. It's found very close to the Fugang village.

Here are some of my photos of Little Yehliou:

You don't pay an entrance fee, but when you leave, they will charge you 15 NTD for parking the scooter. The park nearby is clean with shops, where you can buy food and drinks.

XiaoyeliuClick to enlarge the map to see Xiaoyeliou's famous spots.

A path lead us down to the coast, where the curious rock formations are found.

And this is the most famous part of Xiaoyeliu.

The rocks are like missiles directed to the sky. Amazing!

Interesting formations are seen everywhere.

Another view.

The Green Island is seen on the left.

Huge rocks scattered all over.

The other side.

We didn't stay too long here, because we had so many things to see that day. But the area is small, maybe half an hour is enough to spend here by taking few photos and walking around the rocks. You have to be careful, though, it's a little dangerous to walk around some parts, as there are many sharp edges and deep gorges. I wouldn't drag my kids too far inside, however many tourists do. Be smart and you can still have fun. Read more about Xiaoyeliu here.

My cute driver walking back to the scooter.

I've spotted this formation on the way out: It looks like Taiwan :-)

To continue our tour along Taitung's northern coast, click on the link below or see the map.

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