Saturday, August 27, 2011


Taitung County tour map

8/27/2011 Taiwan Explorer
Below is a map of my Taitung County tour 2011, which went along the coast and all the way up to Sanxiantai. We made several stops, which are here marked by letters from A to K (which makes it 57km apart). If you want to tour this part of Taiwan, please click on the links below and use this map to navigate through the area. All links will lead you to my posts about a certain spot.

A Taitung City - capital of Taitung County
B Fugang - small harbour, where people leave for Green Island
C Xiaoyeliou - curious rock formations
D Jialulan - concert venue with a beautiful view
E Dulan - a village
F Xinglong - a village
G Longchang - a village
H Eastern Taiwan's beautiful coast photos
I Donghe - smaller town, famous for baoze
J Duli - a village
K Chenggong - small town, biggest settlement in the area
L Sanxiantai - a beautiful island with an bridge with 8 arches

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