Sunday, August 28, 2011

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2011 Eastern Taiwan Tour

8/28/2011 Taiwan Explorer
The idea is simple: Two people, one scooter and a 60km stretch of one of Taiwan's most beautiful coasts: This is the introduction to my 2011 Eastern Taiwan Tour! If you want to experience our amazing tour, check my tour map and follow my blog through all the posts below by clicking on the links at the bottom of every post to move on to the next one. Start the tour here:

My 2011 CENTRAL TAIWAN Tour - NEXT: Taitung City in the morning>>

My overview of the travel posts:

01 Flying from Taipei to Taitung City
02 Taitung City in the morning
03 Fugang Harbor
04 Xiaoyeliou
05 Jialulan
06 Dulan
07 Xinglong
08 Longchang
09 Eastern Taiwan's beautiful coast
10 Donghe
11 Duli
12 Chenggong
13 Sanxiantai
14 Taitung City
15 Huatung Valley
16 Hualien City at dawn
17 Amazing Pacific views in Hualien
18 Hualien Martyrs' Shrine
19 Hualien Pine Garden
20 Chishingtan
21 Ziqiang Night Market, Hualien City
22 Nanbin Night Market, Hualien City
23 Taroko National Park

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