Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Taitung City in the morning

8/25/2011 Taiwan Explorer

After we've flown in Taitung and brought our things to the homestay, we were ready to start our sightseeing! We rented a scooter next to the Taitung Railway Station (400 NTD or 9 Eur) and soon rushed off to Taitung's City center. This part of our trip wasn't the most spectacular, as the weather was very cloudy and we didn't really see much of the city.

We were riding on one of Taitung's main roads.

And then I spotted a hill inside the city with a beautiful pagoda and asked my wife to bring us there. It turned out to be one of Taitung City's most prominent spots.

This is a paifang, that leads to the Taitung's Martyrs' Shrine.

The famous Long Feng Tower on the left.

Next to the towers are stairs that lead on top of the hill. The view was beautiful.

Taitung City was below us and everything looked very small.

After that we continued south, closer to the coast. We stopped for breakfast.

Mother and daughter were watching cartoons in this small breakfast shop.

We had sandwiches, veggies and coffee and the food was really tasty.

After that the real tour begun: We were heading north: Destination Sanxiantai!

The beautiful Green Island in the distance was captivating.

When we saw the Pacific ocean, we knew that it will be an extraordinary day. And indeed, we enjoyed some of the most beautiful views in Taiwan: It was truly magical. Click on the links below to follow our Taitung tour 2011 and see what we saw on our journey!

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