Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Jialulan 伽路蘭, Taitung

8/27/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Jialulan Recreational Area or 伽路蘭遊憩區 is one of the beautiful spots close to Taitung City, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the pacific in front of you and the mountains at your back. The name in Chinese 伽路蘭 is merely a transliteration of the Amis tribe's name Kararuan, which means "the place to wash one's hair" (source). It's a small plain, which is often used as a venue for concerts of fairs. That day, when we visited, concerts were scheduled for the afternoon and the next day, but we didn't have time, we had to move on.

Here are some photos from Jialulan:

This is a toilet with an observation deck.

The view south was marvelous.

A mother and daughter were enjoying the views together.

Naughty girls climbing the rocks below.

There's a small house on the right. No idea, what it was.

Jet fighters were still flying above us.

Tents and a stage were being prepared for the concert.

A young boy took a rest on a bench nearby.

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