Monday, August 08, 2011

How much does a Taiwanese wedding cost?

8/08/2011 Taiwan Explorer
A cost estimation for your reference

Below is a chart I've put together about the cost of a Taiwanese wedding. There might be additional costs, which I have not included such as hiring a performer or who knows what. These are the most basic costs every wedding in Taiwan would have, I've took the example of 10 tables with 10 people each, which means a wedding of 100 guests. I've mostly used average to lower end cost estimations. The exchange rates of the Euro, US Dollar, Singaporean Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit were taken from today's date (September 11, 2011) and are only meant for your reference, as they might change. The prices in NTD will be more stable, so in case you're using this chart in a year or later, please use updated exchange rates.

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