Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Fugang harbour 富岡, Taitung

8/27/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Fugang 富岡 is a small village with a harbor, few kilometers east from Taitung City. It's famous for being the point, where most people take ferries to the Green Island. It was our first stop during the tour along Taitung County's northern coast. You can enjoy some beautiful views here, if you stop right before the village. There's a long promenade along the coast reserved for bikes and pedestrians with a view of the Green Island straight ahead and the lovely harbor on the left.

Let me show some photos from that spot:

The Fugang Harbour on the left and the promenade.

The Green Island straight ahead.

The view to the south.

The promenade at the direction of Taitung City.

Then we went on to the central part of Fugang.

We checked out the harbor.

These are the people exiting a ferry from Green Island.

Jet fighters were exercising due to recent threats from China. It was noisy.

And then we left the small village to the famous Xiao Yeliou nearby.

To continue our tour along Taitung's northern coast, click on the link below or see the map.

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