Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Dulan 都蘭, Taitung

8/27/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Dulan 都蘭 is a small village along Taiwan's Pacific coast in Taitung County. If you plan to go from Taitung City to Chenggong, like we did, you will most likely drive through. The village itself doesn't offer a lot, the area nearby however is rich with many attractions, such as the "Water Running Up" (read more about that here).

My photos of Dulan:

Approaching the village.

Everything is "happening" on this main road.

Taking a break and looking back.

And in a minute we were out again, driving north in direction to Chenggong.

Very close is the next village - Xinglong.

To continue our tour along Taitung's northern coast, click on the link below or see the map.

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