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Donghe 東河, Taitung

8/28/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Donghe 東河 (lit. East River) is a bigger village along Taiwan's Pacific coast in Taitung County, closer to Chenggong town than Taitung City. The town is famous for a popular baozi shop (東河包子) and an old bridge 東河橋, where you can encounter monkeys. A lot of tourists would make stops at the baozi shop and later at the bridge. We only stopped to take a rest and tried the steam stuffed buns. It turned out that we had to wait over half an hour to be served (the shop is that popular). For more on Donghe, check their website.

Let me show you some photos of Donghe:

The famous Donghe Baozi shop, very popular with tourists.

A 7 Eleven at the main road.

The main road in direction to Chenggong.

One of the streets inside Donghe township, where locals live.

The entrance of the famous baozi shop.

30 min for these steamed buns. One cost 18 NTD, quite expensive.

They can be stuffed with peanuts, pork, veggies.. all kinds. I liked the one with beef the most. However I have to say for me the buns were just normal, I can't relate to the popularity.

After 45min we rode out of the township and in direction to Chenggong.

And then we saw the famous Donghe bridge from afar, however we didn't see any monkeys.

To continue our tour along Taitung's northern coast, click on the link below or see the map.

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