Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Chenggong 成功, Taitung County

8/28/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Chenggong 成功鎮 (lit. "Town of Success) is a bigger township with a fishing port located at Taiwan's Pacific coast in Taitung County. It's somewhere in the middle between Taitung City and Hualien City and one of the more important towns in Taitung county. The size of the town is much bigger than any other in this part of the county and in addition, it also has the biggest port in Taitung. What stood out were the numerous churches and even some factories. But the town looked pretty abandoned, when we visited. Since it was Friday afternoon, they were probably working. Chenggong is famous for being close to Sanxiantai, one of Taiwan's natural wonders - a small island, which is connected by a bridge with 8 arches. Other interesting spots include the Rock umbrella (石雨傘) and the Man rock (男人石).

See some of my photos of Chenggong:

There is a wide plain around the town.

Chenggong's outskirts.

(Former) industrial complex?

A church in the middle of renovations.

The whole town is full lamp posts with shark motives.

One of the main roads.

We made a stop near 7 Eleven and bough some drinks.

Chenggong is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

A road leading out of town - direction Sanxiantai!

Outiside the town and closer to one of Taiwan's famous spots.

Sanxiantai means "Platform of the 3 immortals". More about it here>>

Chenggong was named after Zheng Chenggong 鄭成功, a general from the Ming Dynasty.

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