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Yongkang Street, Daan, Taipei

7/23/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Yongkang Street 永康街 in Taipei is one of those very popular streets somewhere outside of Taipei's center, but has its own unique atmosphere and is not yet flooded by tourists. Well, at least not the most part of it. It's located in Daan district, very close to the Daan Forest Park. One of the biggest magnets in the area is the famous and popular restaurant Din Tai Fung, a world famous xiaolongbao restaurant. Many Japanese restaurants like to visit it, as it's heavily advertised as one of the must-see places in Taipei. But also locals and visitors from other countries love to dine here. There's also another restaurant in the area called Golden Chicken Garden, which is cheaper and less crowded, however the food is equally delicious. Aside from famous restaurants and smaller food places, Yongkang Street offers shops and cafés and I usually go there to meet friends for a cup of coffee. Many coffee shops are very famous there and the atmosphere is very relaxed. People in the 20s, 30s love to hang out there, many students, too. The whole area has a very slow pace, not many cars or scooters around there, the noise level is low, too. And a small park in the middle of the area makes it much more interesting.

Enjoy some of my photos of Yongkang street:

A small park in the middle serves as a place to rest for many elder Taipeiers.

Yongkang street is full of small side lanes.

Corner cafés and restaurants are common here.

The street is long and narrow.

A lovely coffe shop offering kopi luwak. I want to try it one day.

My two favorite reasons, why I visit Yongkang street: Coffee and xiaolongbao.

This is close to the end of the area.

And this road leads to the popular Daan Forest Park.

To visit Yongkang Street, take the MRT to Dongmen Station (Yellow or Xinzhuang Line). Once you exit, you will be very close to Din Tai Fung as well as the Yongkang Street. The area is very small, everything can be reached by walking.

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Pinyin: Yǒngkāng jiē
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