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Ruifeng Night Market, Kaohsiung

7/30/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Ruifeng Night Market 瑞豐夜市 (or better Rueifong Night Market) in Kaohsiung is one of the famous night markets in the city. Unfortunately I did not have the chance to fully enjoy this lovely market, because it was raining a lot and heavily that day, so we ended up in a restaurant nearby and had some delicious food. And it wasn't only us, that day the market was almost empty, so I won't have as many food recommendations as usually, but I will give you some basic idea about how the night market looks like.

MY IMPRESSION: The most interesting thing about this night market is its shape. It's not a long street with many side streets like it's common in Taiwan, Rueifong is like a public square covered by food stalls and tents. It had that atmosphere of a festival, only the live music was missing. I have to say I liked it and I felt it was really a pity, that the rain spoiled our mood.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON: The most common food here is seafood 海鲜 (hǎixiān), of which the most popular dish is grilled squid 烤小卷 (kǎo xiǎojuǎn). That dish is almost seen everywhere and dominates the market. Of course the market offers a wide range of standar "little eats" such as oyster omelettes, marinaded meat and tofu and delicious pork chops.

MUST-TRY FOOD AT RUEIFONG NIGHT MARKET: The grilled squid must be very delicious here, because it's very popular. Kaohsiung is Taiwan's biggest port and the sea food is predominant in the local diet, so I think you can't leave this night market without trying some.

Let me show you some photos from Rueifong Night Market in July, 2011:

This is the night market from afar.

This is one of the mail lanes, quite narrow.

The outer part of the market.

Hotpot under a giant tent. I can imagine that all seats are full.

Grilled squid is this market's most popular dish.

SO TAIWANESE: One of the interesting things you can observe in southern Taiwan are the names for dishes, that originate from the Taiwanese language and are written with Han characters. For example 小卷 (xiǎojuǎn) comes from the word "shiogen", while in China, they would use 魷魚 (yóuyú). The Taiwanese language affects the Mandarin a lot in Taiwan.

This stall has been around since 1982, so it claims.

The stalls were still being built up, but then came the rain and we went to a restaurant.

This is called tangga mige in Taiwanese or 筒仔米糕 in Chinese.

This is called kiroufan in Taiwanese and 雞肉飯 in Chinese (chicken with rice). Yummy!

This is 榨菜肉絲乾麵, a type of noodles. Not bad.

And then it rained more and more and we decided to leave.


To find the night market is very easy, exit at Kaohsiung Arena Station at Exit 1, walk for 5 minutes straight and you are there. Click on photo for the Google Map and the original source.

IN CONCLUSION: This is definitely the second most known night market in Kaohsiung after Liuhe. It has its own charm and feels more local, not touristy. If you want to experience a different kind of night market, this one is the right one for you.

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