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Nanjichang Night Market, Taipei

7/02/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Nanjichang Night Market 南機場夜市 is a traditional night market in Taipei, located in the Wanhua district, one of the oldest districts of the city. Unlike the night markets in the Longshan area, this one is located a little bit south, closer to Banqiao. It is a small night market with few popular stalls and not so crowded, it's better to not expect too much. If your expectations are modest, I think you will still enjoy your visit.

MY IMPRESSION: It's small and intended for locals, who live around there. I was the only foreigner that night, but who knows, maybe it's still visited by some tourists, who are sick of all the famous ones.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON: The most common food here was the marinade 滷味 (lǔwèi), but there are two famous stalls, one sells fried chicken 炸雞 (zhàjī), another dumplings 水餃 (shuǐjiǎo). The rest is all common Taiwanese night market food like stinky tofu, fried sausages and noodles.

MUST-TRY FOOD AT THE NANJICHANG NIGHT MARKET: I would recommend you to try the marinade and the fried chicken , those were my favorite snacks here. The bubble tea is also very good here, definitely a must-try as well.

Let me show you some of my photos of Nanjichang Night Market (Mar 2011):

One of the entry points of the night market, not the main gate.

Scooters whizzing by here is normal.

The famous marinade, very basic Taiwanese food.

The main lane at the Nanjichang Night Market.

This stall has a very good fried stinky tofu.

It was cheap and yummy, a very good starter, if you ask me.

The we walked further to some other parts.


We had bubble tea at this shop.

It looks very yummy and it really was.


The stall's name is Delicious Fried Chicken.

Their fried chicken is very popular, the lines are long. But it's definitely worth to wait, because it's a truly delicious chicken and probably my favorite stall here.


A very friendly lady was greeting me.

And these are her famous dumplings, they were pretty decent. I'd say they were normal, so don't expect too much. But worth the money, so go and try, if you're a dumpling fan.

And then we slowly moved forward and left the night market.

One of the interesting things that I saw was the ROC flag above the gate of the market.


Take a cab from Ximending, in 5-10 min you'll arrive to Nanjichang night market (here's the source map).

IN CONCLUSION: This is not a bad, but also not a very exciting night market - it's average, but still good enough to be recommended. You won't be disappointed, if your expectations are modest. So go and visit one of Wanhua's less known local night markets.

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