Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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How Chinese cut chicken meat

7/13/2011 Taiwan Explorer
and why I believe that it conflicts with my common sense

Chinese ChickenLast time my wife and I had an interesting conversation.

I asked her: »How come Taiwanese as well as Chinese in general cut the chicken across the bone?«

Wife's reply: »That's because we don't want to waste any bit of meat.«

I complained: »...but it's very unpleasant to eat it that way. I always bite into a small piece of bone or marrow and it feels very annoying on my teeth. It's so troublesome to eat the chicken like that...«

This is where my wife and I are continents apart. I feel that chicken bones should not be cut, when the meat is served, but I know that this is where Nietzsche and Confucius would inevitably clash and probably start a bar brawl. I have realized, that these two essential philosophies, one being pro-convenience, the other one being anti-wasting, are just the biggest difference between Europeans and East Asians, a distinction that separates us like no other thing. And I believe that there is nothing we can do here, unless we start a pro-bone movement now. Are you in?

My question to you: How do you prefer your chicken cut?

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