Friday, July 22, 2011


Daan Forest Park, Taipei

7/22/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Daan Forest Park 大安森林公園 is one of the most beautiful parks in Taipei. It's located in Daan District, one of Taipei's richest areas. Especially the part close to the park has one of the highest rents and house prices. And nearby is the popular Yonkang Street, where you can enjoy great food and famous coffee shops can be found there as well. Opposite of the park is Taipei's famous Grand Mosque, which I recommend you to see, if you decide to visit this park.

The park itself is pretty small compared to the parks in bigger European cities, but for Taipei it's considered one of the biggest. It's very clean, very well maintained and full of very beautiful trees. The name "forest park" really makes sense, because parts of it are like a forest. In the northern part is a beautiful lake full of ducks, swans and other birds. Another famous species residing there are turtles. I really enjoyed walking around the park, observing people, animals, the nature... It's such a huge difference to the hustle and bustle of the rest of Taipei, that one would think you left the country and went somewhere far far away.

Enjoy some of my photos from Daan Forest Park:

This is a map near the entrance of the park.

Along Xinsheng South Road.

The hilly part of the park with a nice lawn.

An amphitheater, where people like to chillax.

The pond.

Ducks cleaning themselves.

An interesting fellow, he was observing me.

The turtles coming out. Invasion?

To visit the park, you can take the MRT to Daan Station and then walk eastwards for 10 minutes along Xinyi Road (see a map here).

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