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Cijin Island, Kaohsiung

7/14/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The first interesting spot we saw during our second Kaohsiung trip a few days ago was Cijin Island 旗津島, which is at the same time one of Kaohsiung's city districts. I have to say I had no idea, that this island is such a popular spot for local Kaohsiungies, I thought it's part of the Kaohsiung port. But actually just a small part belongs to the port, the rest is partly residential, partly recreational, with lots of seafood and beautiful beaches... well, not as beautiful as in Kenting, but still not so bad for a big city like Kaohsiung.

Let me show you some photos of our Cijin Island adventure:

We took a cab to the Gushan Ferry Pier.

The Gushan Ferry Pier attracted a lot of people on that Saturday afternoon.

We paid 15NTD for the one way ride, which is about 0.30 Eur.

A beautiful modern bridge spans over the bay.

The ride is about 5min long and among other things, you will see a lot of ships.

The inside of the boat has air con, outside has a better view, but it's shakier.

The Cijin Island Ferry Pier is a remarkable building.

Same goes for the Cijin/Kaohsiung Lighthouse from 1916. Wish I can go up there next time.

The Cijin Island Ferry Pier from the other side.


This street is one of the most popular on the island.

The area around the old temple attracts a lot of people.

The Tianhou Temple 天后宮 dates back to 1673 and was originally wooden. It's the oldest temple in Kaohsiung, however the stone version of today dates back to 1887, with a reconstruction in 1926 (source from a information board). It's truly an impressive temple and definitely a must see part of Cijin Island. Don't miss it, when you visit.

This part looked like a street in a night market.

There was a lot of sea food on every side. We tried this yummy squid.

And then we finally reached the beach. Some boys were taking a rest after a swim.

This giant crab is very interesting. No idea, what it symbolizes.

This is the sandy beach on Cijin Island. Interestingly, more people were outside the water.

Sitting on a plastic chair, staring at the ships in the distance, a very interesting image.

Cijin Island is much bigger than what I've shown you, but this part is very popular. If you see the map, you can see that it's very long and stretches from the central part of the city to it's southern suburbs. I'm sure I could explore more in the future, but that day we didn't have more time.

After a short walk around the island, we have returned back to the mainland and continued our trip to Cishan 旗山, a lovely small town in the Kaohsiung's rural area. More about it in my next post.

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