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Chishan Confucius Temple, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

7/16/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Chishan Confucius Temple 旗山孔廟 (recently renamed to Kaohsiung City Confucius Temple) is a temple dedicated to Confucius. It is located in Chishan, a lovely small town 1 hour away from Kaohsiung City. The temple was built in 1984 in Song Dynasty style and is currently the largest Confucius temple in Taiwan (source). It was placed on the top of a hill, right above the town and if you go there, you can enjoy some of the best views in the area. But not only that, the structure is truly beautiful. The garden is neat and perfectly maintained and the courtyard is very big. It reminded me of the palaces I saw in Seoul in 2010. Truly an amazing piece of neo-classic Chinese architecture. Take a walk with me and discover this temple.

The stairs.

This is one of my favorite statues in the area. Makes me think about the meaning behind it.

A very beautiful paifang.

Slowly rising above Chishan.

And then we were up there and greeted by another paifang right in front of the temple.

Passing through the first walkway makes you feel like you're visiting a palace.

A detail on the ceiling: A dragon.

The temple from the side.

A class room, where students are taught Confucian teachings.

Another detail of the temple.

The altar.

The ceiling.

The dragons, guardians of the temple.

The way back to reality.

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