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Golden Chicken Garden 金雞園, Taipei

6/07/2011 Taiwan Explorer

A little while ago my wife and I went to Daan's famous Yongkang Street and we were looking for a nice place to eat. We somehow stumbled upon the Golden Chicken Garden 金雞園, a traditional Chinese restaurant, famous for dumplings and xiaolongbao. My wife said it is a great place and a perfect alternative to the overpriced and very popular Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐, which is located near by.

Let me show you what we saw and ate that day:

Yummy buns displayed at the restaurants entrance.

The ground floor is the kitchen and you also pay here.

To find your table, you need to go to the first floor.

The restaurant has 62 years of history. That's very long for Taiwanese circumstances.

金雞園Click on the small photo on the left to see the menu.

We ordered a lot of food: The sour and spicy soup (40 NTD), two side dishes (60 NTD) and three main dishes, consisting of xiaolongbao (80 NTD), steamed dumplings (80 NTD) and steamed soup dumplings with soup (160 NTD). As for drinks, we had the tea, which they give you for free. For all that together we paid 420 NTD, which is exactly 5 Eur per person. We were so full and really couldn't stop praising the food. So if you look for very tasty xiaolongbao at a reasonable price, the Golden Chicken Garden would be one of the best places to go.

See more of my food photos from Golden Chicken Garden:

The two side dishes weren't bad.

But this was what we were really waiting for.

Steaming xiaolongbao waiting to be eaten by us.

This exquisite steamed bun is one of the most famous Chinese dishes.

It's not a dumpling, even though it looks like one. But it's really tasty!

Xiaolongbao from close.

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And these are steamed dumplings, they were so delicious!

Steamed dumplings from close.

The restaurant's specialty: Steamed soup dumplings. Small, but yummy.

The two soups perfectly complemented the other dishes.

I really can't say anything but words of praise. This restaurant is really good. The interior looks a bit old, but it's not crowded, the people are friendly and the food is top. If you're a foodie, this is the restaurant you shouldn't miss, when you come to Taipei.

You will find the restaurant in Daan, in the Yonkang Street. Easiest way to go there is to take the MRT to Zhongxiao Xinsheng and walk south on the Xinsheng South Road, then turn right to the large Xinyi road and left again into the Yongkang Street. It will take you some time to reach there, but the area is interesting to see, I think it's worth a walk.

English name: Golden Chicken Garden
Chinese name: 金雞園
Romanization: Jīnjī Yüén
Address: 台北市大安區永康街28-1號
Phone number: (02) 23 41 69 80
Opening hours: Weekdays 09:00~21:00, weekends 09:00~15:00 and 17:00~21:00
Money per person: Above 200 NT$
Need to book: No.
Find location: Google maps, my map

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