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Wanhua 萬華區, Taipei

5/14/2011 Taiwan Explorer
1. Introduction

• Known for: night markets, temples
• Population: 193,000 (2012, source)
• Wade-Giles: Wan-hua
• Pinyin: Wànhúa
• Romaji: Manka
• Map: My map of Wanhua

Wanhua 萬華區 (also called 艋舺 Monga in Taiwanese), is the oldest district in Taipei, located in the southwestern part. It's also one of Taipei's districts with the poorest housing and economic situation and is being revitalized by the government in recent years. Wanhua is home to some of Taipei's oldest temples and market areas. It's been turned into a very popular destination for local and foreign tourists, with the Longshan temple area (and especially Huaxi Street) and Ximending attracting huge crowds of visitors every weekend. If you want to learn more about the area, read my related articles. If you decide to visit this part of Taipei, here are my must see places: Ximending with the Red House Theater, Longshan Temple, Bopiliao Old Street, the Youth Park and the Huaxi Street Night Market.

2. Points of interest

Below are selected points of interest of Wanhua District. The ones I have already blogged about are linked in • bold, check them out. The ones without link are on my list to visit. Tip: To open links in new tab, hold down Ctrl or ⌘ while clicking on the link.


• Bopiliao Old Street 剝皮寮老街
• Longshan Temple Night Markets 龍山寺夜市
• Southern Wanhua 南艋舺
• Ximending | First visit | Images 西門町


• Forest House 萬華林宅
• Red House 西門紅樓
• Ximen: Taipei's east gate 西門
• Xuehai Academy 學海書院
• TiT Tower 阿曼


• Former West Hongan Temple
• Longshan Temple 龍山寺
• Qingshan Temple 艋舺青山宮
• Qingshui Temple 艋舺清水巖
• Taipei Jinde Temple 台北晉德宮
• Taipei Tianhou Temple 台北天后宮


• Guangzhou Street Night Market 廣州街夜市
• Huaxi Street Night Market 華西街夜市
• Snake Alley 蛇街
• Nanjichang Night Market 南機場夜市


• Ah Zong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線
• Gayke 大雕燒
• Modern Toilet 便所主题餐厅
• Old Wanhua Salty Porridge Shop 老艋舺鹹粥店


• Youth Park 青年公園

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