Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Taipei Grand Mosque

5/29/2011 Taiwan Explorer
Taipei Grand Mosque
Yesterday I was very lucky to visit the Taipei Grand Mosque 台北清真寺, the biggest mosque in Taiwan and one of Taipei's architectural gems. The fact, that it was built in 1960 and still looks so good is proof, that it was designed and built at the highest level possible. That's no wonder, since the architect behind this splendid structure is no other than Yang Cho Cheng 楊卓成, the man who designed one of Taiwan's most famous landmarks, such as the CKS Memorial Hall, National Theater and Concert Hall and the Grand Hotel. This mosque is truly worth a visit, it's just opposite the Daan Park. Use this map to find it and read more about it on the mosque's website. And very close by is a church, which proofs again, that Taiwan is one of countries with the highest religious tolerance in the world.

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