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Nantou City 南投市, Taiwan

5/07/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Nantou City 南投市 is the capital of Nantou County, Taiwan's most central county. With something over 100.000 inhabitants (source) it's one of Taiwan's smallest cities. Basically, it looked like a small town to me and I have to say my impression wasn't so good, because people really looked at me a lot and in very weird manners.

They didn't talk to me directly like the ones in Yilan City, but the looks made me very uncomfortable, especially near the main bus station. There was even one girl pretending to pass by me just to go to her friend and tell him something and they both laughed. Not sure why I was so interesting to the people of Nantou, but the behavior shocked me a little, especially if I compare how nice people were in Puli, Shueili and Ershuei. But even so, Nantou City had few hidden gems and a kind of an indefinable charm. See some photos:

This bridge is famous, you pass by before you enter the city.

The part near the bus station was very crowded and busy. I didn't like it.

A road in central Nantou City.

This is how most roads look like in the center.

But we asked around and someone told us that there's a very beautiful academy from the Qing Dynasty. We decided to see it and then return to Taichung, our last stop before Taipei.

The beautiful complex is called Lantian Academy (also Wenchang Temple).

Here's a nice photo of the main part. Read more about it here.

After walking around the academy, we returned to the bus station.

Nantou City doesn't offer a lot of history or attractions, but there are some hidden gems to explore. I would recommend you follow our way and visit that academy, it's truly beautiful. I wish there was a blue sky when I took the photos, it would've looked amazing. Other than that, it's better to explore the surrounding area, the city itself is just like any other small Taiwanese city.

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