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Hsing Tien Temple, Taipei

4/01/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Hsing Tien Temple 行天宮 (sometimes also spelled as Xingtian Temple) is one of the biggest and most popular temples in Taipei. It's a relatively new temple, completed in 1956 (source). It's dedicated to the god Guan Yü 關羽 (sometimes also called Guan Gong) and it draws huge masses, especially during Chinese New Year or at certain religious celebrations. According to this source, there can be up to 20.000 people visiting this temple in one day. My girlfriend told me that's because the god is very popular. People believe that worshiping him would be good for their business and prosperity. There's also an underpass near the temple full of fortunetellers and close to the entrance there are people selling food and begging for money near the crossroad. Inside the temple area the atmosphere is very solemn. People pray, burn incense and nuns read prayers aloud.

Here are my photos from August, 2011:

One of the entrances to the temple.

The main part.

It reads right to left: Hsing Tien Gong.

An interesting detail.

The inside area, older women reading prayers.

The central part is the most crowded. People pray here.

The temple has a protective wall.

Took this photo opposite of the temple. The image is mirrored on the glass facade.

Here's a video in Chinese introducing the temple.

If you want to visit, go to Xingtian Temple MRT Station. Go out at Exit 3 and turn right. Walk for 5 minutes and you'll see the temple right on the other side of a crossroad.

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Pinyin: Xíngtiēn Gōng
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