Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Taoist parade, Ershuei, Changhua County

4/10/2011 Taiwan Explorer

During our short stay in Ershuei, a small town in Central Taiwan, we had the chance to see a taoist religious parade. Taoism together with Buddhism form the biggest religious groups in Taiwan, of which the latter is more solemn and quiet, while the followers of Tao like to celebrate a lot. Taiwanese in general are very open minded, when it comes to religion and it's pretty normal for them to go to Buddhist and Taoist temples.

I'm not completely knowledgeable about what happened in the following photos, but according to my girl, one person's body was chosen to be a spirit's host and when he walked, he was seemingly under that spirit's control. I'm not sure, what exactly happened, but he truly seemed to be not in control of his own body and mind.

Let me show you some photos:

The parade in preparations. It took a while, maybe 15 min, before they got started.

They played music, threw fire crackers, when they marched by.

This man in the center was chosen as a host for the spirit.

Older man watching the parade.

These are symbols of gods.

They were carrying offerings to gods and swaying when they walked.

I don't know who they're representing, but the costumes looked interesting.

And so they marched off to the central part of Ershuei.

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