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Sun Moon Lake 日月潭, Taiwan

4/30/2011 Taiwan Explorer
Sun Moon Lake, 2011

The Sun Moon Lake (in Chinese 日月潭, pronounced as "Riyuetan") is the second biggest lake in the country (after Tsengwen Reservoir 曾文水庫). At the same time it's one of the most beautiful scenic spots of Taiwan, popular with local and foreign tourists. My wife (at that time still girlfriend) and I had the pleasure to visit it during our Central Taiwan trip.

Our trip to Sun Moon Lake has begun on Sunday morning, when we took the bus from Shueili (we stayed overnight there) directly to the lake's resort area. It took us about 45min to reach there. Let me show you some of my photos:

The road to Sun Moon Lake from Shueili is very winding and steep.

This is the part full of hotels and shops. We were dropped off at the information center.

When we got all the info from the kind staff, we decided to walk to the lake.

We didn't have a lot of time that day, because we were headed further to Puli, Nantou City and Taichung. We only walked around a very small area, but we still had fun. And it was so hot that day, I think it wouldn't be wise to attempt a long march around the lake. This is where we went:

The big parking lot is full of buses, that carried tourist from China to this famous lake.


We walked on a narrow path along the shores of the lake and took lots of photos.

I liked the nearly emerald color of the lake.

We soon reached this spot, which has a very good overview of the lake.

The view on the small Lalu island and the famous Ci En Pagoda.

A lovely pavilion, one of the many in the area.

We walked further and observed the area.

A posh yacht like many other in the area.

And that's a boat in old Chinese design. Not sure what to think about it.

And then we reached one of the spots with the best view: The Chiang Kai-shek pavilion.

We first enjoyed the beautiful view, the former president's favorite one.

The Chiang Kai-shek Pavilion, when we left it.

We soon arrived back at the commercial center of the Sun Moon Lake.

And what a delight it was to take photo of tourists from China walking under the ROC flag. I'd give a fortune to find out what was on their minds in that very moment.

Soon after we returned to the bus station and headed up to Puli. And that shall be a story for another post. We had a great meal there and the town had a certain indefinable charm.

Nantou County Map
Click on the map for Google Map.

The Sun Moon Lake marked the first half of our Central Taiwan adventure. Later that day we went to Puli and further to Caotun and Nantou City and then in the evening to Taichung, to visit the famous Fengjia Night Market, which turned out to be a disaster.

If you're visiting Taiwan, don't skip the Sun Moon Lake, it's truly a gem. If you like nature, you will truly love the area. And there's so much to explore, you will need few days to see every beautiful spot there. I'm definitely planning to return in the future. Hope to see you there, too!

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