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Shueili 水里, Nantou County

4/13/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Shueili 水里 (officially degraded to Shuili, literally "Water Village") is a cute small town in Central Taiwan, precisely in Nantou County. It was our final destination of the first day, my girlfriend booked our hostel here. Shueili is the best destination south of Sun Moon Lake to explore this famous scenic area. We could've slept over in Puli and that would be better transportation-wise, but Shueili is really such a lovely small town, I was really happy we stayed here. It's one of the most beautiful small towns in Taiwan, if you ask me. And even though Shueili is not a historic town, nor does it have any famous monument or significant history, I feel the atmosphere is very laid back and if you come from Taipei, it's like time stands still. No traffic jam, no masses of people, it's really so peaceful. And the town is divided in two parts. The older northern part is smaller, but looks more crowded and it's like Shueili's center. The train station is there as well. The southern part is larger and mostly residential, but less crowded. We stayed at the northern part, though. Both parts are divided by a river and surrounded by beautiful mountains. If you're curious about how Shueili looks like, here are my photos:

This is from the train station heading south.

This is like Shueili's central street.

A day market near and on the bridge.

This is still the northern part, our hostel was located here.

This part is new and very nicely done. You can enjoy a nice walk along the river here.

A view on the river.

The river in the next morning.

A closeup on the water.

I have to add that people in Shueili seemed generally friendly and although they were curious to see me, a foreigner, I did not sense any weird stares like in Nantou City the next day. In Shueili guests are very welcome, at least that's how I felt that weekend.

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