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Taiwan's West Coast

4/06/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Taiwan, the beautiful island, is really fun to explore by train. I was very lucky, that my girlfriend bought tickets for the train, that goes along Taiwan's west coast. I've seen the northern coast in Tamsui, Keelung and a little in Yilan and the southern coast in Kenting, but seeing the west coast from the train was my first time and I truly enjoyed it. What was interesting to me were the numerous wind turbines along the way and also a plenty of fields and farms close to the shore. The ride was 4 hours long, but time was passing very fast.

Let me show you some photos from this part of our journey to central Taiwan:

We passed by the famous Hsinchu Station and I managed to take a photo from this side.

I love this photo, so typical of Western Taiwan.

Taiwan's west coast.

A wind turbine between the sea and fields.

A small temple near the sea.

And then we were lucky to try the famous lunch box, which is so popular, that it's usually sold out. This is called bendon in Taiwanese and ekiben in Japanese, where it originated and made popular in Taiwan. We paid 60NTD (1.5 Eur) and really enjoyed it.

Inside is rice, cooked egg, ham, tempura and pork. Very yummy and highly recommend.

We saw many beautiful temples and rice fields along the way.

A town close to rice fields.

Another beautiful temple.

And then we reached Ershuei, where we spent an interesting hour.

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