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Jiji 集集, Nantou County

4/24/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Jiji 集集, also known as Chichi, is a small town in Nantou county (around 12.000 inhabitants), very close to Shueili and the Sun Moon Lake. On the first day of our Central Taiwan trip 2011, we decided to pay the town a visit. At that point I had not known that Jiji used to be the epicenter of the devastating 921 Earthquake, that destroyed big portions of the town on 21st September, 1999. I have to say that at that time, when we visited Jiji, it was already evening, so I did not see that much of the town, and besides I was hoping to see the Sun Moon Lake instead, so I didn't really pay much attention here. However, I did snap some photos which I want to share with you here:

The Mingcin Academy of the Jiji Society from 1883 was under renovation.

While walking back, I took some photos. The nature is beautiful here.

One of the big intersections in Jiji.

This is the main road. There's a pavement for pedestrians and bikers and one lane reserved for a tram, which used to run here. Today you can see some along the way.

One of the rare sights in Taiwan: Family houses like the ones we know in Europe. Jiji looks like it's a getaway for rich Taiwanese. I've seen many houses like this one.

Jiji is famous for it's rails.

The small and scenic Jiji Line is connecting Ershuei with Shueili and bringing passengers from the Western Taiwan to the Central Taiwan, very close to the popular Sun Moon Lake. Although small, Jiji has a lot to offer. I think the nature is the number one attraction, the history is number two. One afternoon should be ok for you to explore this lovely small town. I hope to return next time, maybe even stay here overnight.

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