Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Ershuei 二水, Changhua County

4/10/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Ershuei 二水 (since recently degraded to Ershui, meaning "Two Waters") is a small town in Changhua County, where we ended up, because we had to switch to another train (part of Jiji line), that would eventually bring us to Shueili, our final destination for that day. Ershuei is a lovely small town, with quite a charm. According to recent data, the municipality has around 16.000 inhabitants, but I'm sure the town proper has much less, because it looked pretty empty to me. Of course it was a hot afternoon, when we arrived there and the thermometer showed 35 degrees Celsius, that's why I suppose most of the locals were at home hiding from the scorching heat. That day we only saw the area around the railway station and parts of the main street. I noticed that there were temples in the area, even a beautiful pagoda, but we did not have the chance to see it, because we only had 1 hour time to catch the next train and we didn't want to go too far. We've seen however a very interesting religious parade passing by and we were asked to stand by and watch. The locals in Ershuei were very friendly and didn't stare at me like in Ilan City or Nantou City, I liked that a lot.

Here are some of my photos of Ershuei on a Saturday afternoon:

The Ershuei train station.

The Ershuei square in front of the station.

The square from another angle.

The main street in Ershui.

Run down houses nearby.

And then we saw a taoist temple parade and were invited to watch.

The locals seemed happy that I was watching them and taking photos. More about that in my next post.

This old house caught my attention.

The main street again. My girlfriend went to buy a baozi here.

I usually don't eat vegetable baozi a lot, but this one was really yummy and quite cheap.

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