Monday, March 21, 2011

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Yinshan Temple, Tamsui

3/21/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Yinshan temple 鄞山寺 in Tamsui is a very old and well preserved Buddhist temple (寺) dating back to the year 1822. That's nearly 200 years, which makes it one of the oldest in the area. According to the information board nearby, this is the only well preserved Buddhist temple in Taiwan, that worships Dīpankara Buddha. My girlfriend told me, that the whole area has a very good feng shui and the way the temple and the pond are laid out resembles a toad. For me, it was fascinating to see such a well preserved architecture from the Qing dynasty, because it's a very rare sight. This temple is truly a gem and it's very easy to find, even though it's not located in the old center (Only 10 min walk from the MRT station, see a map here).

These are some of my photos from March, 2011:

The front part.

The main inner yard.

Another small inner yard on the side.

The pond.

For more detailed photos, check this blogger's photo album.

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