Saturday, March 26, 2011

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Xichang Street Night Market, Taipei

3/26/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Xichang Street Night Market 西昌街觀光夜市 (officially Xi Chang Street Tourist Night Market) is a small night market in the Longshan Temple area in Wanhua, Taipei. It's not as famous as the one on Huaxi Street or the one on Guangzhou Street and most tourists would not really go and eat here. The street is famous for selling herbs, but other than that, it's just a small local night market, selling mostly cheap goods and local Taiwanese food. I won't blog about this one a lot, I'm just going to share some photos. You can check this night market out, if you're headed to the Longshan Temple or to Huaxi Street nearby.

See some photos of Xichang Street Night Market (March 2011):

Right next to this street is Longshan Temple (on the left side).

The street is wide.

This is the herb lane.

Cheap jeans, probably made in China.

All kinds of shoes.

The northern part has more food stalls.

The main entrance is here.


Longshan Taipei Map

Finding the market is very easy. Take the Blue Line train and exit at Longshan MRT Station. Walk to the temple and then left, where you will first reach the Guangzhou Night Market and then turn right and you'll be at the Xichang Street (Map by Google, click on it for a Google Map).

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