Friday, March 04, 2011

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Taipei street fashion, 2011

3/04/2011 Taiwan Explorer
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Some of you might know, I'm pretty famous for having no fashion sense, so please forgive me the lack of proper fashion jargon. I'm about to introduce you the latest trend for girls in Taipei this year.

Women in Taipei, and even more so teenage girls, are not shy to show their legs and extend them with high heels, even if it makes walking difficult for them. I think showing legs is considered a norm here, because it's definitely something you notice very soon after arriving in Taiwan. So besides that, what trend is totally hip in 2011?

Something I have seen very often are boots, black stockings (often transparent) and denim shorts. I don't remember seeing so many denim shorts last year, I think skirts were more popular back then. But I have to say that this year the shorts are very short, sometimes even so short, that you can't really see them, because a longer blouse or jacket is covering them. Below is a photo I took few days ago, when I visited Ximending.

I like this girl's style, the bag and the boots match very well.

Of course there are many other styles in Taipei. A lot of girls would wear trousers and dress more conservatively. But I just had to mention this one, because it really stands out. I'm sure it'll be popular throughout the whole winter and spring 2011.

So how do you like the style? What are girls wearing in the town you're currently living?

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