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Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

3/18/2011 Taiwan Explorer

Museum of Contemporary Art 台北當代藝術館 or MoCA is a museum located in Datong district in Taipei City. You can find it between the Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan MRT Station (see my Datong map). The building dates back to 1921, when Taiwan was occupied by Imperial Japan. It was initially used for the Jan Cheng Elementary School. From 1945 and 1994 a part of the building served as the Taipei City Hall, but then a new one was built in Xinyi and replaced it. After the move, the old building was renovated and since 2001 the Museum of Contemporary art found its home here (source).

I haven't gone inside the museum this time, I only took photos of the building from the outside, because I really like the architecture. The red-bricked facade with neo-classical Greek elements blend together perfectly. The small tower on top makes the building unique, but it's not easy to spot.

Check some of my photos from March, 2011:

Greek columns and red brick facade are the main elements of the building.

The small tower is the most interesting element of the building.

The area around the entrance is very neat and clean.

A view from another angle.

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Pinyin: Táiběi Dāngdài Yìshù Guǎn
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