Monday, March 07, 2011


Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration

3/07/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration 宜蘭設治紀念館 is the fomer Official Residence of the Japanese Magistrate of Ilan. Japan ruled over Taiwan from 1895 and 1945. The original building dates to 1900, but was in deterioration for a long time. A new interest of preserving historical sites in the 1990s pushed forward various efforts to restore the old buildings. The area was meticulously restored in 1997 and is today a big attraction in Ilan City. There's a house as well as a Japanese garden nearby. You have to pay 30 NTD per person and then you can walk around the garden as well as visit the house. You need to take off your shoes and put on a pair of slippers and then you can explore various rooms, that display photos and information of the past life in Ilan City and Ilan County, be it the aboriginal tribes, the Han Chinese or the Japanese. This is probably one of the best historic sites in Ilan City and in case you visit, don't miss it.

See some of my photos from March, 2011:

The entrance.

A view on the old Japanese house.

And then we went inside. The interior is beautiful. I'd love to live in such a house.

An interactive map of old Ilan.

My girlfriend took this photo of the cherry blossoms. Beautiful!

How to find the Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration? When you arrive at the old building of the Ilan Railway station, walk straight and then turn left. You'll pass by a park and then a big new shopping mall. A little further you'll see a small garden and wooden houses. That's the memorial hall. Check my map of Ilan City for further info.