Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Far Eastern Plaza, Taipei

3/16/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Far Eastern Plaza 遠企中心, consisting of two identical towers, each 165m tall with 43 floors, is one of the most beautiful pieces of modern architecture in Taipei, located in Daan district. Although the towers were built in 1994 (source), they look as if they were built today. The simplistic design is striking. When you're right below them, you feel as if they're much taller than just 165 meters. I really wish they would've built in Xinyi, close to where Taipei 101 was built 10 years later. Today they're just too far from the central areas of Taipei (Longshan Temple - Zhongzheng - Zhongxiao Road - Xinyi) and hence there aren't so many people found in the area. The buildings are housing the famous Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and a shopping mall in the lower part. The hotel is arguably one of the best in Taipei (read some opinions or check the hotel's homepage).

See my photos of the skyscrapers (from March 13th, 2011):

It was a great day to take photos, that's why I wanted to see these towers.

I like the mix of sharp and rectangular and oval.

The buildings are housing a luxury hotel.

This is Dunhua South Road, a huge avenue, that has a small park in the middle. Amazing.

Some details of the Far Eastern Plaza. It's definitely worth to visit, if you're an architecture buff.

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