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Datong 大同區, Taipei

3/20/2011 Taiwan Explorer
1. Introduction

• Known for: Old houses
• Population: 129,000 (2012, source)
• Wade-Giles: Ta-t'ung
• Pinyin: Dàtóng
• Romaji: Daitou
• Map: My map of Datong

Datong 大同區 is a small district in central Taipei, consisting of two of the oldest areas in the city: Tataocheng and Dalongdong. If you want to see the Taipei from the 18th, 19th and 20th century, Datong is the place you need to see. This used to be the Taipei's center of trade in the 19th century, the first rich businessmen in the city originate from here. You can see old temples from Qing Dynasty and colonial Japanese architecture side by side. It may not be the cleanest and neatest district, but it has a lot of charm, especially the famous Dihua Street. Here are the must see sights and parts of Datong (my personal recommendation): Dihua Street, Confucius Temple, Baoan Temple, Ningxia Night Market, Yanping Night Market and Tataocheng Wharf.

2. Points of interest

Below are selected points of interest of Datong District. The ones I have already blogged about are linked in • bold, check them out. The ones without link are on my list to visit. Tip: To open links in new tab, hold down Ctrl or ⌘ while clicking on the link.


• Taipei Bus Station 台北轉運站


• Dihua Street | Lunar New Year Festival 迪化街
• Tataocheng 大稻埕
• Dadaocheng Wharf 大稻埕碼頭


• Chen Tian-Lai Old House 陳天來故居
• Chien Cheng Circle 建成圓環
• Tataocheng Presbyterian Church 大稻埕教會


• Museum of Contemporary Art 台北當代藝術館


• Baoan Temple 大龍峒保安宮
• Ci Sheng Temple 慈聖宮
• Confucius Temple 臺北孔子廟


• Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市
• Yanping North Road Night Market 延三夜市

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