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Ci Sheng Temple, Taipei

3/18/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Tataocheng's Ci Sheng Temple 慈聖宮 (sometimes spelled as Tsz Shing Temple, lit. "Benevolent Sage Temple"), is a small temple in Tataocheng, one of Taipei's oldest neighborhoods, today part of Datong district. This temple is also known as Tataocheng Mazu Temple and it's one of the 3 famous temples in the area. Its origins date back to the Qing Dynasty in 1853 (source). The Japanese later destroyed the temple during their urban renewal period in 1910, but the locals rebuilt it in 1914 with the help of donations. The Presbyterian church is nearby.

There is a big public square in front of the temple.

A guardian lion is on the right side.

A guardian lion is on the left side.

A detail from the roof top.

The inside part - looks like renovations are underway.

The square is also an open air restaurant.

And a parking lot for scooters.

The food stall area

Some of Taipei's oldest food stalls can be found here.

If you want to try very local food, this is the place to be.

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Pinyin: Císhèng gōng
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