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Chien Cheng Circle, Tataocheng, Taipei

3/20/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Chien Cheng Circle 建成圓環 (also known as Jiancheng Circle or Taipei Circle), was a famous day and night market in Taipei, located in Tataocheng, part of Datong district (for location check my Datong map). It's origins date back to 1910 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. This market, which was placed in the middle of an intersection and trapped in a roundabout, was once considered the oldest night market in Taipei and one of Taipei's landmarks. The building of today is smaller and completely different, it has nothing in common with the old market, it only shares the location and the name. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the market was in decay and the city government tried to revitalize the area in 2003 by removing the old big circle and build a smaller new one. A lot of money was wasted, because after the completion, the new market failed to revive this part of the city and had to close down in 2006. My girlfriend told me, that the rents were too expensive, the food sold there was different than what the people were used to and the whole atmosphere was not the same anymore.Today it's just an empty round piece of modern architecture, a reminder of the times, that don't exist anymore (Info: Source).

For more info read the Taipei Times article from 2006 and see the photos of the old Chien Cheng Circle from the 20th century (Taiwanese blogger).

Here are some of my photos of the Chien Cheng Circle, as it is today (March 2011):

The area is neat, but quiet.

Only the nearby traffic is making noise.

The Chien Cheng circle is located very close to the popular Ningxia Night Market and the famous old Dihua Street.

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Pinyin: Jiènchéng Yüénhuán
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