Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Best noodles in Ilan City: 大麵章

3/08/2011 Taiwan Explorer
This is definitely must-try food in Ilan

During my first trip to Ilan City, my girlfriend and I passed by a famous stall and she was so excited to try their famous noodles. I couldn't understand the excitement over a bowl of noodles, but once I tried them, I totally changed my mind. These noodles are divine! The stall's name is Zhang's Big Noodles 大麵章 and they have a quite a tradition in Ilan City. I'm not sure, how many years they sell them, but I'm sure it's for few decades. If you happen to be in Ilan on an afternoon and you're hungry, go and try their noodles in sesame sauce: 麻醬麵 (májiàng miàn). They are the tastiest noodles I've tried so far in Taiwan and that's really a very strong statement.

See my photos of the stall:

This is from outside. Don't be shy to take a peek inside.

It's not a 5 stars restaurant, but I tell you, the food is 5 stars.

Small bowl is 30 NTD, big one is 50. We ordered a small one.

And we also ordered this meat ball soup with dumplings. Also very yummy.

And these are the famous noodles in sesame sauce.

You have to mix them in the sauce and then you get this.

A closeup.

They remind me of spaghetti a little, but they're longer and very elastic. It's a delight to eat them. And the stall is not that hard to find. You can check my map of Ilan, but just remember, you'll find the stall close to the presbyterian church and opposite of the hospital. There's a big parking lot, the stall is just few steps away.