Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Baoan Temple, Dalongdong, Taipei

3/23/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The Baoan Temple 保安宮 in Taipei (officially Dalongdong Baoan Temple 大龍峒保安宮) is a beautiful temple located in the northern part of Datong district called Dalongdong 大龍峒 (sometimes written as Dalungtung). It's dedicated to Chinese folk religions and it's origins date back to 1742, when the temple was smaller and made of wood. By 1760 it was extended and in 1804 the construction of the current meticulously adorned structure made of bricks, stones and concrete has begun. It was completed by 1830. Later it was renovated and extended several times, but the core of the temple's structure is over 180 years old (source and more about history here). The temple is simply beautiful, nothing could describe it better. There are so many details, so many small things that have deep meaning, it's just amazing (more about architecture here). This temple, in contrast to the very solemn Confucius temple nearby, is very vibrant and every time I've visited, there were aplenty of people praying and burning incense. If you want to experience how Taiwanese worship, go to this temple. It's definitely one of the must see temples in Taipei.

Let me show you some photos of the temple (March, 2011):

One of my best shots from the front side.

Detail from the roof.

People praying.

The backside of the temple.

Baoan Temple on a cloudy day.

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