Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Taiwanese breakfast

2/15/2011 Taiwan Explorer
This is how breakfast can look like in Taiwan

In Taiwan, unlike in Europe, it's common to eat soups and fried food for breakfast. From home I'm used to eat bread with slices of sausage, cheese and enjoy a cup of coffee. In Taiwan I eat omelettes, white radish cakes, soup with noodles and fried tofu. It's truly a different world for me. I think I will very quickly adapt to the food culture of Taiwan, because I love to eat all kinds of food. A breakfast in Taiwan doesn't cost a lot, if you go to hawkers, which can be found on various corners or sides of the street. We paid about 120NTD for all the food below, which is about 3eur. We were very full. Here are some photos of how a traditional Taiwanese breakfast can look like:

Top: White radish cake and sweet soy milk. Left: Omelette Right: Salty soy milk soup with pieces of bread. This was very tasty and fulling. Price: 78NTD (2 eur).

Fish soup with noodles, very yummy in fulling.

Fried tofu. It was very soft and tasty. And this one doesn't stink.

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