Saturday, February 05, 2011

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Iron Eggs, Tamsui

2/05/2011 Taiwan Explorer

The so called iron eggs 鐵蛋 (pronounced tiě dàn) are a delicacy commonly found in Danshui. If you walk around the famous Old Street, you'll see them sold almost everywhere. According to my girlfriend, this is how this product became popular: "The iron eggs were made by accident. One aunty was selling fresh eggs, but the business wasn't good, so she put the stewed eggs in a pot and tried to sell them the next day, but she didn't succeed. She did that few times. What happened was the egg white became thinner and harder as if it was compressed. The skin also changed its color to black, because she put them into soy sauce. The founder however didn't register the brand, but one of her customers, who was also an egg vendor. He thought it could be a good business idea and registered it under his name instead - and succeeded. That's why the most famous brand of iron eggs in Danshui today is A-Po (阿婆). The original iron eggs are from Seaside A-Po (海邊阿婆)." Interesting story. So how do the eggs taste? According to my girlfriend the eggs are "a bit salty and chewy".

This is how they look like inside.

The price: 30 smaller bird eggs or 10 chicken eggs cost 100 NTD (around 2.5 Eur).

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